Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Second only to the increase in popularity of white kitchen cabinets, gray kitchen cabinets have been trending upwards over the past few years.  This trend is visible in kitchen cabinet design magazines, websites such as and Better Homes and Gardens (,  cabinet showrooms, and quantifiably in internet keyword search volume.   Searches for the term “gray kitchen cabinets” increased 60% over the past 4 years and searches for “grey kitchen cabinets” increased 40% over the same period.   Gray bathroom cabinets, office cabinets and furniture have become increasingly popular as well.  We think the reason for the increase in popularity is the beautiful, subtle, and varied shades of gray and the use of gray as a neutral, colorless, blank slate to which a myriad of designs can build on.  Gray can be the base for contemporary pops of bright color set, or the base for a neutral color scheme using gray with shades of white, grey-blues black or tan.

In case you were wondering which spelling is correct, grey is the European spelling and gray is the more common American spelling (note the 20% difference in searches for gray vs grey) although both are acceptable.

Many of our builder-customers have added gray kitchen cabinets to their product offering and we’ve seen some beautiful model homes and custom homes built using our different shades of gray painted cabinets.  Below is a gallery of some of these gray kitchens for design inspiration: