EVRGRN is a beautiful engineered wood product that features sophisticated European styling and three-dimensional, grain-matched texture on our woodgrain options.

EVRGRN materials come in rich, earthy browns, warm grays, dark charcoals and a variety of light and dark wood tones, as well as color options that are timeless, on-trend and serve as versatile backdrops for interior design palletes. Cabinet interiors feature our modern Linen overlay material.

Burrows Cabinets is a builder-direct cabinet manufacturer. If you are a homeowner, please contact your home builder or visit their design center for specific information on the cabinet options, door styles, wood species and finish options specific to your community. Some options are available only in select communities.

EVRGRN Artisk 1 Piece door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Artisk

EVRGRN Rok 1 Piece door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Rok

EVRGRN Vattern 1 Piece door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Vattern

EVRGRN Bellis 1pc Door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Bellis

EVRGRN Portaria 1pc Door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Portaria

Reveur EVRGRN 1-Piece Door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Reveur

Biscay EVRGRN 1 piece Door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Biscay

EVRGRN Laurent 1 Piece

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Laurent

Castel EVRGRN 1pc

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Castel

EVRGRN Luxe 1pc Door

EVRGRN 1-Pc in Luxe

EVRGRN Cabinet Interiors

EVRGRN Linen cabinet interiorEVRGRN cabinet interiors feature our modern scratch and dent resistant Linen overlay material.  Linen is used on all cabinet interiors except when glass doors or open shelves are specified.

For glass door cabinets and open shelves, (without cabinet doors) the cabinet interior will match the cabinet exterior material.