Drawer Box Materials

Burrows Cabinets is a builder-direct cabinet manufacturer. If you are a homeowner, please contact your home builder for options specific to your community. Some options are available only in select communities. 

5/8″ Thick, Maple Overlay Drawer Box

Burrows Cabinets’ standard drawer boxes are made using 5/8″ thick, maple overlay subfronts, backs and sides with maple-overlay PVC on the top edges. The construction is rabbited dado, with a  flush bottom for standard applications and an inset bottom for heavy item applications such as pot and pan drawers and pull out pantry drawers.  The drawer bottom is 1/4″ thick maple overlay on an MDF core.  This drawer box is only offered in pre-finished cabinets.

Maple Overlay Box

1/2″ Thick, 9-ply Baltic Birch Drawer Box

Burrows Cabinets’ first level upgrade drawer box is made using 1/2″ thick, 9-ply Baltic birch material, manufactured with dado construction. The top edge is sanded smooth.  When specified as “paint grade” the drawer box will have a 1/4″ Hardboard bottom.  When specified as “unfinished” the drawer box will have a 1/4″ plywood bottom.   All drawers using undermount guides are 1/2″ Baltic birch material only.

9-ply baltic birch drawer box

5/8″ Thick Maple Dovetail Drawer Box

Burows Cabinets’ top-of-the-line drawer box upgrade is a solid, 5/8″ thick maple dovetail drawer box. This solid dovetail box gives your drawer boxes a look that is beautifully detailed and shows the level of quality that has gone into your cabinets. The strength of dovetail drawer boxes is especially beneficial in heavily loaded silverware drawers, plate and pan drawers and any drawer where there is significant use and/or weight.

Solid Maple Dovetail Drawer Box

Visit our Drawer Guide Quality Page for information on our drawer guide options.