Frameless EVRGRN cabinet with Atlas Core - opened cabinet upperCopyright 2023 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Introducing Atlas Core for EVRGRN Cabinets

EVRGRN cabinets now include our Atlas Core cabinet box, a commercial grade, ¾” construction, full-access box. Atlas Core boxes feature melamine interiors, with strong resistance to heat, stains, scratches, chips and moisture.
Kitchen with EVRGRN Biscay lowers, Luxe uppers and 5 piece doorsCopyright 2023 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Luxe White Upper Cabinets-Biscay Rift White Oak Grain Lower Cabinets

This beautiful kitchen pairs white EVRGRN Luxe upper cabinets with EVRGRN Biscay rift white oak grain pattern lower cabinets for a bright, natural, inviting look and feel. The cabinets feature 5-piece doors, and a combination of 1 piece and…
Burrows Cabinets' Cabinet Hardware OptionsCopyrigjht 2023 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Cabinet Hardware Options

Hardware is like jewelry for cabinets. It's the small detail that creates a thoughtful, well-designed, completed look. The four pull handles above are a few of our favorites! Our Matte Black (far left) and Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze (middle…
Open EVRGRN cabinet with Luxe interior to match Luxe doors and cabinet exteriorCopyright 2023 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Matching EVRGRN Interior Options

Our beautiful EVRGRN cabinet colors are now available on cabinet interiors and shelves on closed cabinets in addition to glass door cabinets and open shelves. The upper cabinet above features durable Luxe cabinet interiors and exteriors. Matching…
Burrows Cabinets' pantry cabinets with wine storage and glass doors in Umber grayCopyright 2014 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Working Pantry and Walk In Pantry – Kitchen Trends

According to NKBA 2022 Kitchen Trends Report, 40% of kitchen designers said their 2022 kitchen designs have become larger in scope vs previous years, with more designing bigger kitchens with walk-in pantries, working pantries and butler's pantries. Designers…
Operation Finally Home Blackhawk Ribbon CuttingCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Military Family Gifted with New Home

A very deserving Marine family was given the surprise gift of a lifetime this week, a mortgage free home! U.S. Marine Corporal William Makaafi and his family were selected out of a large group of applicants who are rigorously vetted and…
Reveur-Biscay-Castel Rift White Oak EVRGN ColorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

New Rift White Oak EVRGRN Options

Rift White Oak's popularity as a cabinet and furniture material is soaring due to its subtle, straight grain pattern, neutral color, and durability. Burrows Cabinets' new Rift White Oak EVRGRN options showcase the beauty of Rift White Oak's…
EVRGRN Portaria Kitchen Island with 1 pc doorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Modern, Sustainable Woodgrain

Buyers have embraced engineered materials from countertops, decking and flooring, to cabinet materials and finishes due to their desirable appearance and durability. Burrows Cabinets' EVRGRN engineered wood cabinets meet the need for sustainable…
Island in EVRGRN Luxe with 3 piece doorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Luxe EVRGRN Creates Subtle Inviting Texture

Burrows Cabinets’ Luxe EVRGRN option is a best seller for good reason! The subtle, modern texture allows buyers to achieve their dream white kitchen, while creating space that is warm, non-sterile, and inviting due to the light woodgrain…
Kitchen interior Maple Savaii with Shaker doorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Maple Savaii’s Natural, Durable Appeal

Burrows Cabinets' Maple Savaii finish pairs durable maple hardwood, with a subtle, transparent clove-hued stain that softens the overall look and creates a muted, moment of calm in the home. Maple Savaii is the perfect mix of light, inviting…
Aransas Straight Vent HoodCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Aransas Vent Hoods

Burrows Cabinets' new Aransas vent hoods feature the broad horizontal lines that make a kitchen feel spacious, and provide an appealing contrast to the kitchen's vertical cabinet doors. Our custom vent hoods are available in any of our stain…
Laurent EVRGRN 1, 3 and 5 piece doorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

New Laurent EVRGRN Color – Beautiful Rift White Oak Look

Burrows Cabinets new Laurent EVRGRN color has a straight-grain, rift-sawn, white oak look that is timeless and seen frequently in high-end homes. Laurent is a light, neutral woodgrain color that pairs well with everything from farmhouse…
Burrows Cabinets' gold hardware optionsCopyright 2022

Gold Hardware Options

Gold hardware is the warm, rich detail buyers are looking for to personalize their space. Homeowners are moving less frequently with the average homeowner staying in their home 13 years. They are spending more time at home and want options that…
Burrows Cabinets Levanzo stain on beech and alderCopyright 2021 Burrows Cabinets LLC

Neutral Medium Brown Stain Brings Nature Indoors

Burrows Cabinets' new medium brown Levanzo stain brings the natural look of wood indoors in a versatile, neutral color option similar to the beautiful color of natural tree bark. Levanzo is available on Beech, Knotty Alder and Clear Alder,…
Shaker and Travis doors in Maple SavaiiCopyright Burrows Cabinets LLC

Meet Savaii Our New Light-Neutral Stain on Maple

The natural beauty of Maple given a soft, neutral-gray wash creates the perfect light, organic look in Burrows Cabinets' new Savaii stain color. The subtle color application allows the maple grain and ribboning to show through and creates just the right amount of warmth and texture.
Burrows Cabinets 50 Year AnniversaryCopyright 2021 Burrows Cabinets LLC

Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

Burrows Cabinets is celebrating 50 years in business!! From the builders and homeowners we've served, to our talented employees, vendors and business partners, we've been fortunate to work with an incredible group of people. Below are…
Burrows Cabinets Callahan door styleCopyright 2020 Burrows Cabinets LLC

New Callahan Door: Clean Lines – Timeless Craftsmanship

Burrows Cabinets new Callahan door style features subtle detail on the inside edge and the unfussy, clean lines homeowners are looking for in their cabinetry. It’s an elevated version of the Shaker door that speaks to the craftsmanship…
Burrows Cabinets' full overlay kitchen with modern white SoCo doors and black islandCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Pairing Black and White in the Kitchen

Photographers know the power of contrast in black and white photos and designers do too. The simplicity of white cabinets paired with dark accents is tranquil, inviting and elegant. Whether it's 1-piece white cabinet…
Burrows Cabinets stain colorsCopyright 2020 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Picking a Timeless Cabinet Color

Burrows Cabinets has done the work of attending kitchen and bath trade shows, scouring websites, reading trade and consumer publications, listening to industry experts' trend predictions, and we’ve studied historical trends to understand what makes a design timeless in appeal. We pair this information with decades of industry experience on what holds up well over time to curate our cabinet design, color and material offerings
Burrows Cabinets' dining room cabinet wall with modern slab soco door in hickory driftwoodCopyright 2019 Burrows Cabinets LLC

Driftwood Gray Stained Cabinets

Driftwood gray combines the beauty of natural wood with a perfect gray stain, and is available on Alder, Maple, Beech and Hickory. The differences in the underlying wood color and grain change the look of the finished cabinets, from the warmth of Driftwood on Alder and cool gray of Driftwood on Maple to the rustic look of Driftwood on Hickory. Check out the Driftwood photo gallery to see our Driftwood gray stain on a wide variety of cabinets for interior design inspiration.
Kitchen Island in EVRGRN Luxe with 3-Piece doorsCopyright 2019 Burrows Cabinets LLC

Subtle Texture on White – So Luxe

Layering textures and using different shades of the same color can make a room more calming, inviting and interesting. Burrows Cabinets EVRGRN color Luxe has subtle straight-grained texture that adds depth and visual interest that can make the difference between an ordinary space and one that is...
Burrows Cabinets' white laundry room cabinets - TerrazzoCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

How to Care for Cabinets

One of the most important ways to ensure your cabinets look beautiful for many years is to prevent your cabinets from exposure to moisture and excessive humidity. Damage from moisture can result in blushing of the topcoat, deterioration of the finish, or black stains in the wood. Moisture damage is easily minimized or even eliminated simply by being aware of certain items:
Burrows Cabinets EVRGRN Kitchen

Introducing Our New Modern EVRGRN Cabinets

EVRGRN is Burrows Cabinets’ beautiful, new, trend-forward, engineered-wood cabinet line.Our EVRGRN cabinets feature sophisticated European styling and pairs the beauty of three-dimensional, grain-matched wood texture with the durability, performance and visual consistency of cutting-edge, engineered material.
Burrows Cabinets' Naval Travis Raised PanelCopyright 2018 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Hot New Navy Paint Color: Naval Now Available!

Whether you're designing a space for clients with a traditional, vintage, minimal, rustic, global or timeless look, our new Naval paint option is the perfect, subtle infusion of color to tie a room together and create a sense of serenity…
Operation Finally Home - Homeowners receive keysCopyright 2017 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Operation Finally Home

Burrows Cabinets was honored this year to be a part of our second "Operation Finally Home" build, creating a mortgage-free, new home for a very deserving military family. The home is located at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill and was…
Burrows Cabinets LogoCopyright 2017 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Burrows Cabinets’ New Logo

At Burrows Cabinets we're focused on providing home builders with modern products and business solutions while maintaining the timeless, dependable craftsmanship that has defined our company since we began operations in 1971. With these values…
Burrows Cabinets' white kitchen with Shaker doors and Bunn feet on islandCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Cabinet Feet Add High-End Furniture Look

Burrows Cabinets' custom cabinet feet add a high-end, furniture look to cabinets in any room of the home. We currently offer eleven furniture feet options to fit room designs from modern to traditional . Below are a few example photos of our…
Operation Finally Home Invite

Operation Finally Home – Santa Rita Ranch

Please join us at a home dedication for a very deserving military family,  taking place Thursday at 9:45 am at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill. We will be welcoming U.S. Army Spc. David DeTuccio and his family to their new home as a part…
Burrows Cabinets' white kitchen with Terrazzo doors, floating shelves, glass inserts in upper doorsCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Floating Shelves | Floating Vanities | Hoverboards

The trend this year has been towards the modern look and in particular, the appearance of floating, from hover boards, floating wedding cakes, TVs that appear to float on the wall, to our very own floating vanities and floating shelves. Floating…
Burrows Cabinets - celebrating 45 years serving central TexasCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Burrows Cabinets Celebrates 45 Years in Business

Burrows Cabinets is celebrating 45 years in business this year!  From 1971 to 2016 Burrows Cabinets has been building custom cabinets and creating storage solutions for home builders in central Texas.  We are grateful for our amazing customers…
Burrows Cabinets primary bath cabinets with tall cabinet and mullioned glass doorsCopyright 2014 Burrows Cabinets, LP

Glazed Finishes – Setting Expectations

We strongly encourage designers and sales agents to set real expectations with homeowners on the variability from door to door of hand-glazed products. Some homeowners love the variabilty of a hand-applied finish and others prefer a more uniform look
Burrows Cabinets' kitchen in Bone white with Umber grey islandCopyright 2017 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Happy Homeowners

Congratulations to the home builders who have taken the procedural steps to install their prefinished cabinets after trim, paint and tile to help mitigate trade damage and avoid post-installation cabinet restoration. We're excited about the…
Burrows Cabinets' Kona Stain photosCopyright 2015 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

Kona Stain Color Is a Popular Choice

After being introduced this spring, our new rich, brown Kona color has become a very popular choice for homeowners and we've gotten great feedback on the finished product!  Below is a gallery of different cabinet door styles and wood species…
Burrows Cabinets' kitchen cabinets in bone white with umber gray island

Should cabinets match throughout house?

Most new homes have matching kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets mainly because making all of the cabinets the same is the most cost effective method. Each time materials, finish and paint colors are changed, it adds complexity and…
Burrows Cabinets kitchen with black island and gray wall cabinets and modern crown moldingCopyright 2014 Burrows Cabinets LP

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Second only to the increase in popularity of white kitchen cabinets, gray kitchen cabinets have been trending upwards over the past few years.  This trend is visible in kitchen cabinet design magazines, websites such as and Better…
Burrows Cabinets' kitchen with Terrazzo doors and furniture-look bunn feetCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets, LLC

White Kitchen Cabinets

According to Google search trends, online searches for white kitchen cabinets have increased 200% over the past 5 years (July 2009 to July 2014).  All white kitchens with white cabinets and white countertops but usually a contrasting floor…
Burrows Cabinets kitchen in knotty alder and appliance end panels

Choose flooring that compliments cabinet color

Choosing flooring that compliments your kitchen cabinets is key to achieving an appealing design, and the nearly endless color combinations make the decision time consuming.  Below are some tips on choosing flooring colors that will compliment…

Universal Kitchen Design by Burrows Cabinets

Burrows Cabinets believes that no matter your age, height, hand and arm strength, ability to walk without assistance and ability to see in low light, your cabinets should work well for you. To help our builder-customers achieve universal…