Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Burrows Cabinets' kitchen in bone with umber island

Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Burrows Cabinets' kitchen with gray island and modern edgebanded SoCo cabinet doors in Clear Alder with Verona finish

Serving Central Texas homebuilders, since 1971

Burrows Cabinets is a turn-key manufacturer of custom cabinets for new-home builders in Central Texas. Our products are made from top-tier materials with construction details that ensure a durable end product that will last for generations.

Why is Burrows Cabinets the Best Source for Home-Builder Direct Cabinetry?

Focus on Quality

Burrows Cabinets uses superior grade materials and high-end components and hardware. We offer the highest quality, time-and-wear-tested finishes to ensure customers receive a product they are proud to own, that will remain beautiful for many years. Find out more about our top-grade materials and construction methods on our Quality page.

Burrows Cabinets' dovetail drawer box


We offer nearly 500 door style, material and finish combinations from modern to traditional, as well as dozens of organization options. We have over 45 years of experience designing unique cabinet solutions to suit customers’ preferences. Burrows Cabinets Offers 2 Product Lines To Fit Buyers’ Design Preferences and Configuration Needs. View colors, door styles and product information on our timeless faceframe line here and on our modern, frameless EVRGRN line here.

Burrows Cabinets color selection


Our management team is made up of cabinet industry veterans, and shop employees are hired for proven skill, experience and dedication to fine woodworking. The lasting quality and beauty of our cabinetry is a direct reflection of the experienced craftsmen working here. Much of our business comes from referrals as a result of the quality of our products and the value of our service.

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We are builder-direct so we sell only to new-home builders but we love providing design and style tips and trends for designers and homeowners alike.  Check out our news articles as well as our kitchen and bath photo gallery for design inspiration.

Burrows Cabinets rustic EVRGRN Kapari and Sarine colorsCopyright 2019 Burrows Cabinets LP

Urban Farmhouse, Rustic Scandinavian Kitchens

Google searches for farmhouse and rustic Scandinavian design and kitchens have made a meteoric rise over the past few years and are at the top of many buyers' wish lists. There's a new design term rising in Google's search results too and that is "urban farmhouse" design. What is Urban Farmhouse Design? Urban farmhouse design has the rustic charm of distressed finishes, reclaimed lumber, weathered iron, whitewash and worn paint. It features clean lines, bright, open and uncluttered environments
Modern EVRGRN cabinet line 18 color optionsCopyright 2019 Burrows Cabinets LP

12 New EVRGRN Cabinet Colors

Burrows Cabinets' new, modern, frameless cabinet line, EVRGRN, now features 12 new colors bringing the total to 18 beautiful EVRGRN color and grain options (shown)! Our new colors include rustic options, a stunning, textured white, modern, straight grain options and several additional designer-favorite colors and grains.
Burrows Cabinets' white laundry room cabinets - TerrazzoCopyright 2016 Burrows Cabinets LP

How to Clean Cabinets and Prevent Damage

One of the most important ways to ensure your cabinets look beautiful for many years is to prevent your cabinets from exposure to moisture and excessive humidity. Damage from moisture can result in blushing of the topcoat, deterioration of the finish, or black stains in the wood. Moisture damage is easily minimized or even eliminated simply by being aware of certain items: