Straight Rift Grain Pattern Cabinets

Rift-white-oak look grain pattern frameless EVRGRN cabinet options

Straight Grain Rift-White-Oak look

Home buyers and designers are requesting more modern, straight-grain material for their cabinets, and Burrows Cabinets has several beautiful options!

Our popular Castel, Reveur, Laurent and Biscay EVRGRN colors shown above have a rift white oak, straight-grain look, with subtle characteristics like pin knots and controlled variations in color and grain.

EVRGRN’s grain-matched texture creates a natural look and feel and provides the durability, performance and visual consistency of cutting-edge, engineered material.

Castel, Reveur, Laurent and Biscay are available in Burrows Cabinets’ Frameless cabinets.

Kitchen wall cabinets- EVRGRN Biscay rift-white-oak-look lowers, Luxe uppers

Frameless EVRGRN Biscay base cabinets pair beautifully with Luxe white upper and tall oven cabinets