Burrows Cabinets Levanzo stain on beech and alder

Burrows Cabinets’ new medium brown Levanzo stain brings the natural look of wood indoors in a versatile, neutral color option. Levanzo is available on Beech, Knotty Alder and Clear Alder shown below. Levanzo pairs well with white, off white, grey, black and blue paints and decor.

Shaker in Beech Levanzo

Shaker in Beech Levanzo

Shaker Knotty Alder Levanzo

Shaker Knotty Alder Levanzo

Shaker Clear Alder Levanzo

Shaker Clear Alder Levanzo

Burrows Cabinets is adding several beautiful new paint and stain colors and phasing out several colors due to changes in buyer preference and trends. New colors will be available Spring 2021.

New paint and stain colors Spring 2021

View our new stain and paint colors on our Finishes Page.

The following colors are being phased out Spring 2021:

Burrows Cabinets' Clear Alder in Ambrose


Burrows Cabinets' Beech Espresso


Burrows Cabinets' Beech Rye


Burrows Cabinets' Hickory in Sandstone


Burrows Cabinets' Maple Toffee


Burrows Cabinets' Shaker door in Crema


Burrows Cabinets' Ecru


Burrows Cabinets' Frost


Burrows Cabinets' Bone with Brown Glaze

Brown Glaze

Burrows Cabinets' Bone with Black Glaze

Black Glaze


Watch our video tour of homes featuring Burrows Cabinets’ beautiful EVRGRN engineered wood cabinets, from kitchens to bedrooms and offices in a variety of beautiful colors and grains.

James Burrows, Senior

1973 James Burrows, Sr. (second from left)

Burrows Cabinets is celebrating 50 years in business!! From the builders and homeowners we’ve served, to our talented employees, vendors and business partners, we’ve been fortunate to work with an incredible group of people.

Below are a few photos of Burrows Cabinets in the early years.

Today parts we used to make by hand using these individual machines, are made using state-of-the-art, CNC, computer aided equipment in a fraction of the time and to incredibly precise and accurate measurements. Processes that took 2-3 machines to cut, shape and sand in the 70s and 80s are now completed by one machine with amazing consistency, speed and beautiful results.

Square cut cabinet face machine - Joel

Burrows Cabinets square cut cabinet face frame machine – 1980s

Better Design 3 Spindle Arch Door Machine

Burrows Cabinets Better Design 3 Spindle Arch Door Machine – 1980s

Burrows Cabinets Finishing Cabinets 1990s

Burrows Cabinets Finishing Cabinet Box 1990s

Burrows Cabinets Building Photo 2008

Burrows Cabinets Building Photo 2000s

Burrows Cabinets Precision CNC Cabinetmaking

Burrows Cabinets Precision, CNC Cabinetmaking 2010s

It’s fun to see how far we’ve come since 1971, and exciting to look at what technology is making possible in the future.

We continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to make beautiful cabinets that will last for generations, and meet builders’ need for value and timely service.

From our family to yours, thank you for being a part of our journey and for allowing us to be part of yours! We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in the decades ahead, and we’re excited about the innovation, relationships and community that will be part of that endeavor.

Burrows Cabinets' Logo-Evolution 2021

Burrows Cabinets’ Logo Evolution 1971 to 2021

Burrows Cabinets Callahan door style

Burrows Cabinets new Callahan door style features subtle detail on the inside edge and the unfussy, clean lines homeowners are looking for in their cabinetry.

It’s an elevated version of the Shaker door that speaks to the craftsmanship of the woodwork and the extra attention paid to design detail.

The Callahan is a timeless door design and it is stunning in any of Burrows Cabinets paint and stain options!
Home builders, contact Burrows Cabinets today for more information on adding the Callahan door to your cabinet design selection.

Burrows Cabinets Callahan door style

Burrows Cabinets Presidio door styleIts the little details that make all the difference, and the subtle, stepped inside edge of Burrows Cabinets’ new Presidio door style,
is just the right amount of detail to dress up your cabinet design.

Presidio is available in dozens of stain and paint options to fit any interior design palette.

Home builders, contact Burrows Cabinets today for information on adding the Presidio door to your cabinet design options.

Burrows Cabinets Presidio door style

White cabinets, shaker doors in frost white with black accents

Photographers know the power of black and white paired together and designers do too. The simplicity of white cabinets paired with black accents is tranquil, inviting and elegant.

Burrows Cabinets' full overlay kitchen with modern white SoCo doors

Whether it’s 1-piece white cabinet doors paired with black quartz countertops for a sleek modern look, all black cabinets with white countertops and backsplash for a dramatic, luxurious feel, or classic, 50’s diner-style white shaker cabinets paired with black and white checkered floors and pops of red accents, there are scores of ways to beautifully pair black and white for a sophisticated interior.

Burrows Cabinets' kitchen planning desk in Beech Rye

Burrows Cabinets has 3 shades of white in our Faceframe line including our crisp, pure Frost white, classic, neutral Bone white and warm, creamy Crema off-white, as well as a beautiful, pure white woodgrain called Luxe in our EVRGRN engineered wood line. Our Beech Rye is the perfect black stain to pair with white countertops, backsplash and accents.

master bath bone white shaker with center tub

Driftwood gray combines the beauty of natural wood with a perfect gray stain, and is available on Alder, Maple, Beech and Hickory. The differences in the underlying wood color and grain change the look of the finished cabinets, from the warmth of Driftwood on Alder and cool gray of Driftwood on Maple to the rustic look of Driftwood on Hickory.

Check out the Driftwood photo gallery to see our Driftwood gray stain on a wide variety of cabinets for interior design inspiration.

Layering textures and using different shades of the same color can make a room more calming, inviting and interesting.

Burrows Cabinets EVRGRN color Luxe has subtle straight-grained texture that adds depth and visual interest that can make the difference between an ordinary space and one that is…

Burrows Cabinets added a new online gallery with beautiful kitchen, bathroom, media room, laundry room, office and even hidden desk and hidden bookshelf photos in their new, modern frameless EVRGRN engineered-wood product line.

One of the most important ways to ensure your cabinets look beautiful for many years is to prevent your cabinets from exposure to moisture and excessive humidity. Damage from moisture can result in blushing of the topcoat, deterioration of the finish, or black stains in the wood. Moisture damage is easily minimized or even eliminated simply by being aware of certain items:

Burrows Cabinets 2020 door hardware optionsBurrows Cabinets door hardware options include the NP4, a versatile new 6-1/8″ Satin Nickel pull.  The NP4 pull is the perfect length for drawers and doors and works well with many different cabinet materials and designs and is a great fit for transitional or modern rooms. Our versatile Black Matte pulls pair well with any paint color or wood stain.

EVRGRN is Burrows Cabinets’ beautiful, new, trend-forward, engineered-wood cabinet line.Our EVRGRN cabinets feature sophisticated European styling and pairs the beauty of three-dimensional, grain-matched wood texture with the durability, performance and visual consistency of cutting-edge, engineered material.

Burrows Cabinets' Flat Panel in Naval Burrows Cabinets' Naval Raised Panel Burrows Cabinets' naval blue paint color
Whether you’re designing a space for clients with a traditional, vintage, minimal, rustic, global or timeless look, our new Naval paint option is the perfect, subtle infusion of color to tie a room together and create a sense of serenity and calm.
Naval is a neutral, dark navy blue and pairs well with cream, white, gray, tan and every wood tone from dark walnut to light maple. Naval also works as a background for pops of red, yellow, orange and green. Forbes says navy is the new black in kitchens and bathrooms.

According to Zillow, pairing a navy blue island with white perimeter cabinets can increase a home’s resale value by over $1500 and “pops of color – particularly in darker hues of blue” are becoming increasingly popular. Read the complete Zillow article here: https://bit.ly/2IaYUM4

See Burrows Cabinets complete stain and paint selection here: https://burrowscabinets.com/finishes/

Contact Burrows Cabinets to find out more about our new Naval paint color, available in all Burrows Cabinets’ cabinet door styles.

Operation Finally Home - Homeowners receive keys BC Operation Finally Home - home exterior Operation Finally Home Santa Rita Ranch sign

Burrows Cabinets was honored this year to be a part of our second “Operation Finally Home” build, creating a mortgage-free, new home for a very deserving military family. The home is located at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill and was built for Purple Heart recipient, U.S. Army Spc. David DeTuccio and his wife and four children. The DeTuccio’s received keys to their new, fully-furnished home June 29, 2017.

DeTuccio, joined the military in 2007, and in 2008  he was deployed to Baghdad, where his unit completed raids and extractions in the mountainous terrain. On Feb. 19, 2008, they were ambushed outside their compound. A rocket-propelled, improvised explosive device hit DeTuccio and he was taken to Balad Air Base trauma center where he underwent multiple surgeries and therapy.  DeTuccio suffered shrapnel wounds, severe PTSD, memory loss, headaches and seizures.

When asked what receiving this home will mean to his family during an interview with TexasSports.com, DeTuccio said,  “It will change our family lineage. When you don’t have an expense, such as a mortgage, you can spend that extra money on education. Now I feel I can ask my kids, ‘What do you want to be—a doctor, a lawyer—those now become possibilities.'”

The first Operation Finally Home build Burrows Cabinets was a part of was completed in Fall 2016 at Paloma Lake. The home was built for Nick and Shelby Nelms, who have two children, and who both suffered combat injuries when serving in Afghanistan. Nick is a combat medic and when the truck Shelby was riding in on a mission was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED), Nick was in another vehicle in the convoy. He ran to the truck Shelby was in and found her injured, and helped her to safety. Nick and Shelby were married later that year after returning to the USA.

Operation Finally Home Paloma Lakes Operation Finally Home Paloma Lakes

Burrows Cabinets is grateful for the privilege to be one of the many contractors, suppliers, donors and the community who contributed to honoring these military heroes and their families with mortgage-free, custom-built, beautiful homes, including custom cabinets throughout. We are grateful to our employees for your hard work and quality of craftsmanship on the products in these homes, and every home our products go into.

Words are not enough to express gratitude for the sacrifices made by our military personnel. If you’d like to find out more about Operation Finally Home visit https://www.operationfinallyhome.org/

Burrows Cabinets New Logo 2017At Burrows Cabinets we’re focused on providing home builders with modern products and business solutions while maintaining the timeless, dependable craftsmanship that has defined our company since we began operations in 1971.

With these values in mind, we are pleased to introduce Burrows Cabinets’ new logo.

While our logo has changed, our priorities remain the same – making beautiful, environmentally-responsible custom cabinets and storage solutions using the finest materials and workmanship. We hope you join us in our excitement as we continue to grow and find new ways to deliver the products that set our companies apart.

Thank you for your business! We look forward to serving you.

Burrows Cabinets door decal logo install in progressBurrows Cabinets door decal logo install finishedBurrows Cabinets truck decal logo install in progressBurrows Cabinets truck decal logo install finished

Burrows Cabinets‘ custom cabinet feet add a high-end, furniture look to cabinets in any room of the home. We currently offer eleven furniture feet options to fit room designs from modern to traditional . Below are a few example photos of our furniture feet options in use. Click here to view our Cabinet Feet options page.

Burrows Cabinets' full overlay kitchen with SoCo doorsThe modern look of full overlay cabinets is showing up increasingly on kitchen and bath magazine covers and is trending on Houzz. We’ve seen an increase in builders using full overlay construction in model homes lately as well.

Burrows Cabinets’ full overlay cabinet construction features narrow, 1-1/2″ wide face frames and 5/8″ overlay hinges. The smaller-than-standard frame size creates a very narrow gap or “reveal” between doors and drawer fronts at the cabinet face vs. standard face frame construction. Full overlay makes face frames less visible than in standard 2″ wide face frame construction.

Burrows Cabinets’ full overlay construction can be used to create a transitional or modern look while still providing the strength of face frame construction.

View additional full overlay cabinet information and photos.

Burrows Cabinets hardware knob and pull options

Did you know Burrows Cabinets offers a selection of top-selling knobs and pulls in finishes and designs that are beautiful, timeless and pair well with our 300+ cabinet door finishes and designs?

View our hardware selection by visiting our Knobs + Pulls web page on the Options tab.

Please join us at a home dedication for a very deserving military family,  taking place Thursday at 9:45 am at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill. We will be welcoming U.S. Army Spc. David DeTuccio and his family to their new home as a part of Operation Finally Home.

Operation Finally Home is a national, non-profit organization that brings together experienced home builders, suppliers, and supporters to build and then donate, mortgage-free homes to wounded, ill or injured veterans, surviving spouses and their families.

Burrows Cabinets was honored to be a part of our 2nd “Operation Finally Home” build this year. We are grateful for the privilege to be one of the many contractors, suppliers, donors and the community who contributed materials, equipment and labor to honor this military hero and his family with a mortgage-free, custom-built, beautiful home.

Words are not enough to express gratitude for the sacrifices made by our military personnel. To find out more about Operation Finally Home visit https://www.operationfinallyhome.org/

Operation Finally Home Invite


The trend this year has been towards the modern look and in particular, the appearance of floating, from hover boards, floating wedding cakes, TVs that appear to float on the wall, to our very own floating vanities and floating shelves.

Floating vanities and shelves provide an open look and clean lines, and the visual intrigue of the construction method makes a room more interesting.  Below are photos of our floating shelves and vanities for modern design inspiration.

Crema and Dorian neutral paint colors for cabinets

Burrows Cabinets added two new paint color options to our selection. Our paint options now include a neutral, light beige called Crema and a cool, very light gray called Dorian.

The top four paint brands, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Glidden and Sherwin Williams, picked their “Color of the Year” and forecasted paint color trends for the coming year, and all of them included neutral shades similar to our two new colors. Click on the paint company names to see their color trend picks.

Visit burrowscabinets.com/finishes for our complete paint color selection and additional product photos

Burrows Cabinets - celebrating 45 years serving central Texas

Burrows Cabinets is celebrating 45 years in business this year!  From 1971 to 2016 Burrows Cabinets has been building custom cabinets and creating storage solutions for home builders in central Texas.  We are grateful for our amazing customers and we look forward to many years of continued service to all of the best new-home builders in the business!

Burrows Cabinets' kitchen with Shaker doors in Bone white and Dallas feetCongratulations to the home builders who have taken the procedural steps to install their prefinished cabinets after trim, paint and tile to help mitigate trade damage and avoid post-installation cabinet restoration. We’re excited about the success we’ve had so far with fewer call backs for restoration when cabinets are installed later in the building process, and we know the end result is happier homeowners.

We recommend installing prefinished cabinets after trim and paint at a minimum, and ideally after tile, as well as taking measures to prevent post-installation damage.
Trying to restore cabinetry to its original beauty after damage during paint, trim and flooring installation results in a product with visible touch-up, and the end result is reduced customer satisfaction.
Call us today to discuss best practices for cabinet installation scheduling and trade damage abatement.

After being introduced this spring, our new rich, brown Kona color has become a very popular choice for homeowners and we’ve gotten great feedback on the finished product!  Below is a gallery of different cabinet door styles and wood species in Kona as well as several finished end product photos that show the finished product in the home for design inspiration.

Burrows Cabinets bathroom cabinets in Kona with separate his and hers vanities Burrows Cabinets' Beech wall cabinets in Kona stain with glass door inserts Study with built in bookshelves with Kona finish by Burrows Cabinets Burrows Cabinet's kitchen in Beech with Kona stain and glass upper cabinet doors Burrows Cabinets' kitchen cabinets in Beech with Kona stain and glass upper cabinet doors Burrows Cabinet's kitchen in Beech with Kona stain and glass upper cabinet doors