New Rift White Oak EVRGRN Options

Rift White Oak’s popularity as a cabinet and furniture material is soaring due to its subtle, straight grain pattern, neutral color, and durability.

Burrows Cabinets’ new Rift White Oak EVRGRN options showcase the beauty of Rift White Oak’s consistent, linear grain and inviting texture, in three versatile new colors shown below, Biscay, Reveur and Castel.

These 3 new colors compliment Burrows Cabinets’ first Rift White Oak option Laurent, introduced earlier this year.

Biscay EVRGRN 1 piece Door

Biscay 1 Piece

Biscay EVRGRN 3 piece door

Biscay 3 Piece

Biscay EVRGRN 5 piece door

Biscay 5 Piece

Reveur EVRGRN 1-Piece Door

Reveur 1 Piece

Reveur EVRGRN 3 piece door

Reveur 3 Piece

Reveur EVRGRN 5 piece door

Reveur 5 Piece

Castel EVRGRN 1pc

Castel 1 Piece

Castel EVRGRN 3 piece door

Castel 3 Piece

Castel EVRGRN 5 piece door

Castel 5 Piece


Our EVRGRN engineered wood options are made using environmentally responsible materials that are sustainable, durable and beautiful!

The color and grain are incredibly realistic and more beautiful in person, with 3-D grain matched texture that is appealing to touch.

Contact your sales agent to request a sample today and see what the buzz is all about!