New paint and stain colors Spring 2021

Because changing out cabinets can be a major undertaking, home buyers typically take painstaking efforts to select a cabinet material, door style and color that reflects current trends and remains timeless in appeal. Burrows Cabinets designs and curates material and cabinet style offerings with these same priorities in mind.

We have done the work of attending kitchen and bath trade shows, scouring websites, reading trade and consumer publications, listening to industry experts’ trend predictions, and studied historical trends to understand what makes a design timeless in appeal. We pair this information with decades of industry experience on what holds up well over time, and the desire to create a kitchen and bath offering homebuilders will be proud to offer buyers, and one buyers will be excited about when designing their new home.

To showcase our color options, we’ve created color wheels for our different product lines as well as easy to navigate product pages for our Full Overlay, Frameless and our Face Frame cabinets to create a quick comparison between door styles and color options. Designers use color wheels to compare color shades and hues and we’ve found that buyers like to see how colors compare to each other in hue, how light/dark they are and for stained wood, how different woodgrains compare.

We’ve done the research for you. These colors are on trend but not trendy. They’re beautiful and will remain beautiful over time if taken care of properly. These are the colors and materials of dream kitchens!

Paint Options

Stain Options