Pairing Black and White in the Kitchen

White cabinets, shaker doors in frost white with black accents

Photographers know the power of contrast in black and white photos and designers do too. The simplicity of white cabinets paired with dark accents is tranquil, inviting and elegant.

Burrows Cabinets' full overlay kitchen with modern white SoCo doors

Whether it’s 1-piece white cabinet doors paired with black quartz countertops for a sleek modern look, dark cabinets with white countertops and backsplash for a dramatic, luxurious feel, or classic, 50’s diner-style white shaker cabinets paired with black and white checkered floors and pops of red accents, there are scores of ways to beautifully pair black, or shades close to it, and white for a sophisticated interior.

Burrows Cabinets' kitchen planning desk in Beech Rye

Burrows Cabinets offers 2 shades of white in our Faceframe cabinets, including our crisp, pure Extra white, and classic, slightly warm, neutral Bone white. We also offer a beautiful, pure white woodgrain called Luxe in our frameless EVRGRN engineered wood cabinets.

Our brown-black Cacao and dark grey-black Flint stains are the perfect moody, dark finishes to pair with white countertops, backsplash and accents.

master bath bone white shaker with center tub