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Reveur-Biscay-Castel Rift White Oak EVRGN ColorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LP1

New Rift White Oak EVRGRN Options

Rift White Oak’s popularity as a cabinet and furniture material is soaring due to its subtle, straight grain pattern, neutral color, and durability. Burrows Cabinets’ new Rift White Oak EVRGRN options showcase the beauty of Rift White Oak’s consistent, linear grain and inviting texture, in three versatile new colors shown below, Biscay, Reveur and Castel. […]

Island in EVRGRN Luxe with 3 piece doorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LP2

Luxe EVRGRN Creates Subtle Inviting Texture

Burrows Cabinets’ Luxe EVRGRN option is a best seller for good reason! The subtle, modern texture allows buyers to achieve their dream white kitchen, while creating space that is warm, non-sterile, and inviting due to the light woodgrain that captures and reflects subtle changes in light and decor. The texture adds interest to the room […]

Laurent EVRGRN 1, 3 and 5 piece doorsCopyright 2022 Burrows Cabinets, LP18

New Laurent EVRGRN Color – Beautiful Rift White Oak Look

Burrows Cabinets new Laurent EVRGRN color has a straight-grain, rift-sawn, white oak look that is timeless and seen frequently in high-end homes. Laurent is a light, neutral woodgrain color that pairs well with everything from farmhouse interiors and pared-down Scandinavian aesthetics, to transitional and edgy, modern designs with contrasting, dark accents. Laurent’s woodgrain color flecks […]

EVRGRN Portaria 5pc kitchen island barstool viewCopyright 2021 Burrows Cabinets24

EVRGRN Kitchen Portaria 5pc

  Kitchen with EVRGRN cabinets in Portaria and 5-piece doors with black hardware

Burrows Cabinets EVRGRN Video Product TourCopyright 2021 Burrows Cabinets LP29

EVRGRN Cabinets Video Tour

Watch our video tour of homes featuring Burrows Cabinets’ beautiful EVRGRN engineered wood cabinets, from kitchens to bedrooms and offices in a variety of beautiful colors and grains.